[Update] Update Town Hall Frequency

Thanks for constantly tuning into the town hall, folks!

This is an update from this proposal : Friday Bi-weekly Call

We had a significant amount of attendance in the last one (16th July 2021), where we talked about Mate, the new Orakuru homepage redesign, and answer a lot of questions from you all!

We had a fantastic time hosting the town hall, and we look forward to hosting the next time!

However, to ensure that we are running the town hall most efficiently, we would love to open a mini poll in response to this current thread (Bi-weekly Call).

We have been getting some feedback that some of you requested a lesser town hall with more updates than the current one.

The agendas of the town hall are usually:

  1. Updates from the core team.
  2. Discuss proposals from the governance forum.
  3. Answering questions throughout the weeks/months.
  4. Taking live questions from everyone.
  5. An open space for everyone to discuss ideas and suggestions.

Let us know what you folks think!

This poll ends on 26th of July. 0000UTC.

  • Once per month
  • Twice per month

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Thanks for opening this topic @josh_avenue !

I think doing it monthly, considering the long term, would be more efficient. If we do it monthly instead of bi-weekly, the chance for higher attendance will increase, along with the long-term sustainability. (Iā€™m talking about doing this for years.)

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Monthly makes it more likely to catch everyone in the same place at the same time. I think a less frequent, more full townhall is more useful for the community.


I do also agree. And maybe different formats can be also done, in order to keep the community hooked:

Bi-weekly Q&A
Monthly Product Releases Town Hall
Quarterly Strategy Roadmap Meeting

Or something :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I agree to a monthly townhall. But each session will be longer than the durations of the current bi-weekly. I think it also helps to market FAQs page while promoting the townhall each time, so we spend less time on repeated questions from previous townhalls.