Orakuru Website v2


Update the Orakuru Website, re-think its structure while keeping the same artistic direction


Make Orakuru Website more informative and look more corporate and future-friendly.

The current Orakuru website was created at the very beginning of the project’s existence as a landing page, the main purpose of which was to help find our first investors and start gathering the community.

Now that we are already up and running, it’s time to make it more customer-centric so it appeals to our main target: companies needing oracle services in their DApps.

Home page will be a complete Orakuru overview. Sitemap is still in reflexion at this stage, but we are planning to keep the same dynamic for every page.

:speech_balloon: Feel free to comment below if you have any idea

Here is a Figma file if you have any visual feedback: Go to Figma file

What do you think?

  • Include in the roadmap
  • Keep the existing website

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Bring it on Baby :heart_eyes: , looks amazing and im sure the community will love it too :love_you_gesture:


Maybe it’s just me, but the golden/yellow coins seem off to me. Maybe the mroe traditional orakuru colors like red glow/tiny with white might be better?

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Yes. Red and white coins would look better and stay within the colour scheme.