ORAKURU Merch - First Wave

Hello fellow Orakuru Samurai, Ronin, Yokai and straight-up Oni.

With plenty of votes in the proposal and consistent demand in general, I’d like to propose an initial wave of merch releases for ORAKURU.

Since the vast majority of us live in the Northern Hemisphere and are experiencing Summer right now, I think it makes sense to keep it to some core tees, caps and stickers for the first wave.

I know there’s some demand for the more illustrative stuff but I think that would be really nice as a cross-promotion for the mainnet release when that comes around.

In each poll, you can select as many as you like. If, for example, you’re happy to see all the tees out there just check all the boxes.

Let’s see how this goes and then we can crack on with getting a web store built.

Of course please discuss underneath!

Note: The caps and tees have lots of colour options, for the sake of keeping this simple I’ve just used 3 examples of each

CAPS // キャップ

  • A
  • B
  • C

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TEES // Tシャツ

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

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STICKERS // ステッカー

  • 5
  • 6
  • 7

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FLIP-FLOPS // ビーチサンダル

  • Yes
  • Double Yes
  • No, I’m super lame and I don’t want these amazing bīchisandaru

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Hopefully there’s an option to buy with ork😂 love the designs

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Thanks for making this post, absolutely loving the pool!
I was expecting something more complicated and unique but simpler stuff always work.

Did you include the material used?

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Great work :slight_smile: - TEES // Tシャツ I think the big logo on the back would look cool and on the front it should have a smaller logo on the left top side with the Brand logo ORAKURU on it. I like the B & C cap, not a fan of the A. here’s an example of the cap i would like to see. Also, most importantly, were are the ladies gears?


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Good stuff! Voted.

Let’s keep in mind that we aren’t Nike yet so I would prioritize all the merch that has the clear letters “Orakuru” on it.

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 15.24.22


Love it. Can’t wait to get my hands on it!

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All the polls were meant to be multiple choice so I messed that up a bit, but the reception seems good!

:sweat_smile: my key reference point for the womenswear was my gf who just wears men’s tees, but this poll is more about the design - can just then port over the design to womens’ fits. I’ll be sure to include in the lineup for final selection.

A reversed version of the token tee is good, can easily be included as a variation of the style.

The caps have ORAKURU on the back, I see what you mean how NewEra do it, I’ll see if flat-peak caps are an option.

They aren’t showing up on the previews, but the minimalist-tee style has ORAKURU on the sleeve.


Yeah, as I mentioned I think the initial batch wants to prioritise accessibility - I know there’s some demand for character-stuff but that’s a cool way to attach merch to project updates: say the mainnet gets called SHOGUN, a corresponding launch tee with a sweet cyber-shogun would tie in perfectly.

Tees are all-cotton, Gildan medium-weight premium. Don’t want that flimsy shit.