Fall 2021 Incubation program Binance

So Binance Labs is accepting applications for it’s incubation program, until August 18 2021. Perhaps this could be an opportunity for Orakuru to get on Binance and some extra exposure. The upside could be:

  • investment from Binance Labs.
  • experience/ mentorship and big network.
  • listed on Binance.

Possible downside could be, Binance might want to have a say in the project since it would invest in it.
What do you guys think?


IMO, as long as the mainnet is not live, it doesn’t make sense to get such visibility.

But if you think we do need visibility anyway, then I agree it’s a very good way to get some !


Well if Mainnet is like a year away, then I definitely agree. But on the other hand it could boost liquidity and they perhaps can have valuable insights for the Mainnet. :v:

Mainnet is not too far away from today, thanks for providing this suggestion.

According to Binance, there may be some restriction stopping us from applying.
Introducing the Binance Labs Incubation Program for Fall 2021 | Binance Support.

Will pass this along!

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